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I'm a poet, artist, composer living in central Illinois, the son of a Scottish father and an American mother. My earliest recollections are of my father trying to teach me Gaelic and my mother trying to teach me English, which was made more difficult by his national attitude toward the English.
My poetry has been published in several magazines including SNOWY EGRET, WRITERS' JOURNAL, LIGHT QUARTERLY, and THE LYRIC (who recently gave me their first Procrastinators Award for having not submitted any poems for ten years!).
I've also released my first CD, compositions for classical guitar called ORIGINAL PASSIONS. These are called 'cameos,' i.e., short bursts of intense guitar tastiness aimed right at the eardrum of our modern attention span.
After years of wondering what to call my paintings, I've coined the term "sur-ruralism" to describe my experiences growing up on a farm, overlaid with a life of intermittent sprinting through cities around the world. These paintings are the direct outcome of fried taters colliding with vichyssoise.
I also host a radio show, THE FLY OVER ZONE, a lively, always-irreverent look at the foibles of human life and the life in our foibles. Joined by my able co-hosts Lana and Sam, we welcome established and emerging artists, writers, musicians, actors, and con men from around the world.

Hope you have fun on my site!   Hugh Moore

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 New poetry: "Beaming on Dreamsville" Published!

Thanks to Kate Hawkes at the Trout Lily Cafe and John Paul at Prairie Archives for helping Hugh introduce his new book of poetry to the world. And to Jenny Battles at the Vachel Lindsay Home, "Poets in the Parlor" event.  Click here for pictures.

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