Art Work by Hugh Moore

I started drawing before I started grade school. Privately tutored by John Gunnar Carlander, a graduate of the University of Chicago, I was encouraged to take classical technique in new directions. These paintings are oil on canvas and created using techniques that include developing layers of coloring to achieve some new and unique tones. I call my stylistic approach "sur-ruralism," a combination of empirical reality and imagination, often placed in a Midwestern rural backdrop.

Hugh was Artist-In-Residence for November 2012 at the Vachel Lindsay Home, 603 S. Fifth Street, Springfield, IL. At the artist reception, Hugh premiered a new song in tribute to Vachel Lindsay's birthday. Listen to the song, "Rhymes to be Traded for Bread" on the music page.

click here for photos from U.S. Marble Show

 Thank you for your interest

We appreciate your interest in Hugh's paintings.  If you would like to purchase a painting by check, please contact Hugh at  or 217 / 241-0539.

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 Wine Merchant

(Size 16" x 12")


Elixir of the wisdom vine, I recommend it by the case.

 Portrait of Chico Mendes

(Size 20" x 16")


Chico in the Amazon, Chico as the Amazon.


(Size 16" x 12")


These flowers have a Scottish accent.


(Size 10"x 8")


Iris just thinking....

 Adoration of the Pear

(Size 36" x 24")


A golden juicy vitamin-rich cosmology.


(Size 12"x 24")


Sorrow and madness in tranny Giuliani.


(Size 18" x 24")


One can never have too much weightless fruit, arrogant sunsets, or simple-minded magi.

 Geometric Parade

(Size 18 x 14)


Too much isosce-leisure time.

 Dancing Rabbits

(Size 24" x 18")


Lepus as graphic iconography...or wallpaper.

 Life at Point Sparrow

(Size 16" x 12")


End o' land, end o' days.

 The Last Flower

(Size 18" x 14)


A simple harvest scene: the harvestee is granted one last bloom.

 In From the Field

(Size16" x 20")


Plowing over, a stalwart farmer heads in for dinner the environmentally friendly way.

 Jesus Presley

(Size 14"x 11")


A-hunka, hunka burnin' Lamb of God.

 Piping Down the Valleys Wild

(Size 14"x 18")


Fun and frolic in the Land of Pastel.

 Floating Lighthouse

(Size 24" x 20")


Love's invitation sans gravitation.

 Cosmic Boar

(Size 10" x 20")


Dumbing down the drawing rooms of space.

 Magellenic Clowns

(Size 20" x 16")


The favorite aerial funnymen of the south celestial pole.

 Daphne and Apollo

(Size 28" x 22")


The geocentric logic of pursuit.

 Arrangement in Red and Black

(Size 20" x 16")


Trust a heron to thrust his beak into everthing, or is it that nosegay of flowers bullying a threatened species?

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