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Hugh Moore: Original Passions

At the age of twelve I accidentally began to compose music. My mother, fearing for the social graces of her reclusive offspring, purchased a guitar for me. She hoped this would make me more outgoing and popular with my mates. Instead, she found me barricaded in my room composing instrumental ornaments with my reclusiveness index rising.

The music you will hear on ORIGINAL PASSIONS reflects one aspect of my musical "messing about." I also write for chamber orchestra, trios, quartets, opera, just about any musical format that will give me an excuse for avoiding parties. (Sorry Mum!")

Check back here for more of my music as it wends its way into cyber space.

Hugh has written a tune for the Forever Home Feline Ranch. Check it out below.

 Vachel Lindsay Tribute and A Christmas Song
 From 'Original Passions' CD
 Recent Songs from Hugh
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